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Patchanka s.c.s.

Patchanka s.c.s. is a “Type B-Social Cooperative” in Turin (Italy), a particular category of enterprise aiming to hiring “disadvantaged persons” in their activities.

It was founded as a spin off of the well-known cultural and artistic eponymous association by a group of youngsters who decided to stop “looking for a job”, join forces and “create jobs”.

They preserve their artistic vein putting it at the service of their mission: every activities, aimed to social inclusion, benefits from the art&craft: music, street art, painting, theatre, dressmaking, techlab, cooking …

Patchanka has recently launched the Casa del Lavoro, a private Labor Agency aiming to support unemployed people, support companies in hiring, dealing with the inclusion of people with special needs in the labor market. They offer meaningful experience as informal and non-formal education using the ARTS, and support the job-hunters providing them a special space/time they called co-seeking.


Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza ASP promotes the entrepreneurial mind set and fosters the creation and the development of successful start-ups by women, youth and migrants.

Vivaio per l'Intraprendenza aims at:

  • promoting self-employment and self-entrepreneurship among women, youth and migrants through information, guidance, training, consultancy and networking activities;
  • supporting the local economic development and social inclusion through the creation and the development of micro and small enterprises and self-employment;
  • providing associated entrepreneurs with networking initiatives and advice and consultancy to develop and strengthen their business;
  • developing the entrepreneurial mind set with young people planning projects fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the education / training / research system;
  • promoting networking initiatives among people and institutions at local, national and international level, aimed at the employment growth and local economic development.

Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza is main partner of the Business Start Up Network, promoting business start up and self employment at European level. Within this network Vivaio is administrating the “Networking Women Entrepreneurs International” group on