JobAct Europe Summercamp 2016

i ladri / les voleurs / a rablók / die Räuber

von Schiller

Fotos von: Klaus Lefebvre

Bilder der beiden Spieltermine um 17.00 Uhr und um 20 Uhr am 30.08.2016

Das 2. Internationale Sommercamp hat begonnen

Wir freuen uns sehr nach zwei Jahren zum zweiten mal ein Summercamp im Rahmen des Programms Jugend für Europa Erasmus+ durchzuführen.

Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern Patchanka und Vivaio aus Italien, Periszkop aus Ungarn und Cuts aus Frankreich werden nun 55 junge Menschen zwischen 18 und 28 Jahren aus Ungarn, Italien, Frankreich und Deutschland in den kommenden 2 Wochen tagtäglich gemeinsam mit dem Team aus 6 Theatermachern arbeiten, schwitzen, mit verschiedenen Sprachen kämpfen, feiern, lernen….und sicherlich auch viel lachen!

Sie werden sich 2 Wochen mit Schillers Räubern auseinander setzen. Und am 30. August dürfen wir auf das Ergebnis gespannt sein!

Schon jetzt möchten wir Euch zur Premiere dieser einzigen beiden Spieltermine am Dienstag den 30. 08. um jeweils um 17.00 Uhr und um 20 Uhr (AUSGEBUCHT) ins Café Leye einladen.


Beáta Nagy,

Berit Schürmann

02302 – 914550
Bahnhofstr. 11,
58452 Witten, GERMANY

Practicalities - Summercamp 2016


  • Arrival: 17/08
  • Summercamp: 18/08 - 31/08
  • Public Performance: 30/08
  • Debrief & Closing: 31/08
  • Departure: 01/09


  • 50 participants from 4 countries
  • Age 18 - 28
  • Interest in theatre, music, dance, singing
  • No artistic experiences are required!
  • First-time contact to performing arts welcome
  • Able to understand and communicate in English

The workshop language is English, whereas each group will be accompanied by a national trainer.

Rehearsal room
The Summercamp takes place at the premises of PROJEKTFABRIK gGmbH in Witten/Germany, which is located next to the big cities of Dortmund and Bochum

You will be placed in small apartments with a kitchen and bathroom near to the rehearsal room (see

You will have breakfast at your flat, lunch and dinner with the group at the venue.

We’ll have 6 theatre trainers on the project and will divide the total group of 50 participants in 5 sub-groups by 10 participants (mixed by nationality). Hence, one theatre trainer will lead one group. The results of each sub-group will finally end up into one uniform theatre play. You will have the opportunity to discover this rich source of inspiration and imagination and get aware about the cultural connections between the different European countries.


  • International exposure
  • Learn English
  • Become a part of a theatre production
  • Acquire artistic skills and the ability to express yourself
  • Develop transversal competences
  • Get to know other Europeans
  • Receive the Youthpass and Europass Language Passport
  • And last but not least: F U N !!

Contribution Fee
You only need to contribute to the training, accommodation and catering with 100,00 €.
(The remainder is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and donations.)

You need to have a health insurance valid for EU countries. In case of an unlikely accident we provide an accident insurance.

Video Documentary
Please find a video about the JobAct summercamp 2014 here

Why Schiller’s “The Robbers”?

Though it dates back more than 200 years, “The Robbers” could easily be set in today’s issues, with the following play’s premise: A charismatic, Robin Hood-like leader turns a band of thieves and outsiders into a revolutionary youth movement. He wants to return his society to the rule of law. The leader’s brother stays inside the world of privilege. He sees power as his birthright — pure power, outside the rule of any law.

It was Schiller’s first play. He was only 21 years old when he wrote it and it burns with the rebellious spirit of youth on every page. This play comes from an amazing period in German theatrical history. It was the time of playwrights like Goethe, Lenz and Schiller. It was a rare explosion of creativity, comparable to the Elizabethan era that gave us Shakespeare, Marlowe and Ben Johnson.

Schiller is very conservative. He questions the limits of society; then he shows us the tragedy that happens when you throw off all limits. While the saying goes that all politics is local you could add that all revolution is personal, Karl and Franz (the two brothers) aren’t fighting over abstractions. They start their different revolutions because they both feel rejected by their father.

The actuality of the play can also be seen in two recent interpretations at the Vígszínház theatre in Budapest (12/2015) and London’s New Diorama theatre (02/2014), both appealing to huge audiences and provoking debates about the topic.

Das internationale Team

Das internationale Team der TheatermacherInnen, Summercamp 2016, von links nach rechts:

  • Serena Barilaro, Vivaio, Florenz
  • Beata Nagy, Projektfabrik, Witten
  • Frederick Combe, CUTS, Clamart
  • Alice de Bacco, Patchanke, Piemonte
  • Elena Campanella, Patchanka, Piemonte
  • Hans Ulrich Ender, Projektfabrik, Witten
  • Marta Schermann, Periszkop Egyesulet, Ungarn

Cooperation Partners

Lead Partner: Projektfabrik gGmbH

Witten, Germany