Italian Pilot Projects

PRATO 2019

1, 2, 3… Action! SOCIAL ART for INCLUSION

1, 2, 3… Azione! within the project Social Board PON Sia REI, coordinated by Cooperativa sociale Arké.  Focusing on Social Art for Social Inclusion: involves 14 young unemployed young Italians and foreigners, expelled from the market of work, assisted by the local social services. The project also had the aim to experiment a new model of “networking” and connecting the different services offered by public and private organisations for social and working inclusion. A project of Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza, in partnership with Comune di Prato and in collaboration with Il Genio della Lampada L’azione formativa – dal titolo 1, 2, 3…AZIONE! - ha la durata di 5 settimane di full immersion, divisa in due fasi.

Il progetto, started on May 6th 2019 ended on June 7th 2019.

The Show Based on Odyssey by Homer

PRATO 2018

1, 2, 3… Action! SOCIAL ART for INCLUSION

Social Art for Inclusion realizes a prototype and replicable model of use of theatre and start-up coaching for the integration of people in the working and social context, for the achievement of autonomy and employability. Social Art for Inclusion integrates two phases, one dedicated to the artistic process and one dedicated to the entrepreneurial mindset and job coaching. The approach to acting enhances the ability to think about processes and the combination with entrepreneurial training strengthens the will to activate one’s personal professional life.

A project realised by Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza, in collaboration with Projektfabrik and “Il Genio della Lampada”, in partnership with the Municipality of Prato and with the contribution of Otto per Mille Chiesa valdese and Regione Toscana.

Social Art for Inclusion involved 27 young unemployed Italians and foreigners, for this reason it also had the aim of experimenting with a new model of linguistic and cultural integration between people of different ethnic groups, backgrounds, cultures and experiences. The training action, 1, 2, 3…ACTION! lasted 5 weeks of full immersion, divided in two phases. The first phase was dedicated to the artistic process and to the realization of a theatrical performance; it ended with a theatre show open to the public (4 weeks). The second phase was devoted to the designing, development and planning of an action plan for work (1 week) Structure of the week: First phase: 4 day dedicated to theatre work + 1day dedicated to the entrepreneurial mindset training and job coaching. Second phase: Gym of Entrepreneurship: 4 days dedicated to planning the personal Action Plan for Work, 1 day dedicated to the debriefing after the show.


Social Art can involve Companies too.

In Turin a new pilot theatre project will take place using the JobAct® method, at the end of European project Erasmus + Social inclusion, by social arts, co-funded by Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation of Turin.

A new project is started, now at the recruiting and casting phase. It will involve a group of 20 unemployed youngsters within the target of NEETs (not in employment, education or training) aiming to activate and put them to the job.

Because many of them lack a perspective and did not have many experiences of success lately, we start on the need to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, to give the participants a reason to move towards a goal. After the success with the other target groups, wewill try this again with Social Art. The magic ingredients are: a group of pairs, some fun, movement just to begin and try to rebuild a motivation. Then a lot of work, effort, concentration to define and try to reach a common goal. And then again, a place and people as points of reference and a personal guide to work on each individual professional goal. But on top…

Some Company is waiting for some young candidates for either an internship or work contract at the end of the theatre training.

DYNAMEET decided to work with us in the project directly, providing training to the participants and involving their human resources in the theatre experience! 

Dynameet is a Brand owned by Compagnia della Birra S.r.l., a very well-known company, a restaurant which combines a special food&drink offer with a place designed to have fun, relax and build up relationships, characterized by a social oriented business philosophy.

Elena Campanella, Fernando Spalletta, Ruben Banos, Cinzia Depaoli and Diego Coriasco are the member of the Staff working on it and are ready to start with the next project of SOCIAL ART !

Kick off of the theatre work will be on 23rd of September, the Premiere on 18th of December 2019.


A taste of Labour Market: theatre!

In Turin a new experiment of Theatre work combined Vocational Guidance using method JobAct®, during the European project Erasmus+ Social Inclusion by Social Arts. The project was Co-funded by Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation of Turin.

The aim was to provide to 21 high-school students a work experience, as the Italian law (“Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro”) prescribes, to boost their awareness of what the working world  is like.

We agreed with Liceo Scientifico “I. Newton” of Chivasso (Torino) that theatre is a concrete work-experience that, combined with vocational guidance made of a number of team workshops on the typical topics of work, would give the participants a very complete idea about what it means to be part of the working world.

The aim wasn’t to find a job but to WORK, and each of them worked a lot! They have studied, they have organized time and processes, they have decided how, who, where and when… everything, they designed and realized graphics and communication, and finally, they went on the stage and were a great success!

Alice De Bacco as Theatre Coach managed the 50 hours of theatre work offered to the students, while Nicola Salusso and Vanessa Di Iulio offered 10 workshops involving much more youngsters than were involved in the theatre play on stage: We worked at the very end with more than 100 participants overall. The project was coordinated by Diego Coriasco.


Re-claiming life with theatre II EDITION

In Turin another pilot theatre project took place using the JobAct® method, during the European project Erasmus + Social inclusion, by social arts, co-funded by ASL Città Metropolitana di Torino (the Public Health Agency of Turin).

After the good experience of the year before, ASL and Casa del Lavoro – Patchanka took up their successful cooperation again!

A new group of 15 unemployed persons, formerly drug-addicteds, have attended the new edition of this project aimed to boost their abilities in re-entering the labour market. The project work combined again theatre training with career guidance. Elena Campanella as Theatre trainer with Cinzia Depaoli, Laura Picco and Luigi Castrianni as Social Case Manager and Vocational Guide worked out a theatre play staged at the end in three months of activities with the participants.

Premiere was on 12th of 2019 in Casa del Lavoro, Torino, attended again by other 100 people of audience!

At this time 6 persons are doing an internship, 1 has found a work contract. 3 people dropped out of the project, while the other 5 persons are actively looking for a job with the support of the project, that will end on 31st of December 2019.


Re-claiming life with theatre

In Turin a pilot theatre project took place using the JobAct® method, during the European project Erasmus + Social inclusion, by social arts, co-funded by ASL Città Metropolitana di Torino (the Public Health Agency of Turin).

The aim was to help 15 unemployed persons (back) into the labour market, who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The project work combined theatre training with career guidance. Elena Campanella as Theatre trainer with Cinzia Depaoli, Martina Signoriello and Diego Coriasco as Social Case Manager and Vocational Guide, have carried out three months of activities with a theatre play staged at the end. Premiere was 25th of 2018 in Casa del Lavoro, Torino, attempted by 100 people of audience!

The project was a great success! 10 of the 15 participants started an internship after the premiere, the other 5 were employed directly.

Participants have painted, listened to music and played theatre, they have studied, read, learned and memorized a lot of skills, concepts and words. Enhancing the activation produced, they were accompanied to restart concentrating and focusing on their own new professional project with a new and strong energy.

At the same time Participants experienced a strong and safe stimulation which allowed them to restore the way they feel themselves, the way they communicate and used to stay in contact with others, the way they work in teams and pursue goals and the way they organize resources and time.

We found that work with Social Art has completed the project perfectly and has strongly enhanced our intervention aimed to facilitate participant’s re-entry to the labour market. A group experience so enjoyable, educational and empowering simultaneously, enriches each individual enormously. At the end every one of them found either work or an internship.

We are very proud of them and wish them all the best.