Give IMPULSE to Your Future is a free course of 9 weeks of training and 2 months of paid internship for 18-35 year old unemployed who want to find a new employment.

Promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze in collaboration with Euroteam Progetti, Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza, Projektfabrik and the Toscana Regional School Office.

Give IMPULSE to Your Future is aimed to those who want to enter the world of work, value their skills and resources, discover their professional aspirations and strengthen the foundations of the future work. It is an opportunity to test and develop the personal and professional action plan.

The 4 stages are:

  • 1° a Theatre Social Art workshop to reactivate one’s talents, to enhance personal resources, to empower creative skills and self-esteem. The group accompanied by the drama teachers and social artists of Projektfabrik staged a public show at the Teatro Niccolini in Florence;
  • 2° a Workshop of professional guidance and Job Coaching integrating the theatrical activity with the entrepreneurial training for the elaboration of one’s professional action plan;
  • 3° a problem solving and design thinking laboratory for the solution of business cases and innovation challenges (marketing projects, product development, prototypes) proposed by companies involved in the project; projects developed by the teams are presented to companies;
  • 4° 2 months non curricular traineeship in a local company to test one’s experience.

The Show:

The first phase of the project “Give IMPULSO to your future” ends with the staging of the The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare most famous masterpiece, and the romantic tragedypar excellence, like all classics, lends itself to continual interpretations, adaptations and betrayals.

We have chosen it because it is a text in which young people are courageous and stubborn protagonists, at the centre of powerful and extreme feelings, in search of their own identity and freedom. In a Verona captive of the conflict between the families of the Montague and the Capulets, not even the Prince is at the head of the feud, and rival gangs challenge themselves openly in the streets and squares.


The second phase of the #IMPULSO project opens with the introduction of business cases that the young participants have to face using of problem solving and design thinking skills.

The companies presenting the business cases belong to very different economic sectors. The participants, working in teams, are led to find effective solutions reflecting the needs of the businesses. This opportunity is a good springboard into what is likely to be the participants future work, therefore they must make use of all the personal qualities learned during the project.