End-off JobAct Europe

Erasmus+ “JobAct Europe - Social inclusion by social arts” goes to the end. On the 1st and 2nd of October the eight organisations from four countries met for the last time having an transnational meeting.

We summarised the whole program and could realise a fine tuning on our intellectual output. The greatest experiment was to work together with our project “FREDERICK” and with the artistical group “Lyrik” of the Projektfabrik. We spent both days in an intensive small group working separately on the results of the OI 1 and OI 2 and 3. This intensive last matching was a great end-off for our project.

The Italian group proposed self-made pasta for dinner, and we spend a joyful time with music and fun in the evening. A never forgettable event for all of us!

We plan following projects together and hope on great coworking in the future.

Our international actions

Social art to tackle inclusion in Europe: a challenge successfully met

Published by CAMILLE LORPIN on 05.11.2019

Adèle Bour (left), European projects manager, Beáta Nagy (right), representing Projektfabrik.

On Wednesday 16th October, JobAct Europe team has presented the project results at the pedagogical restaurant of Apprentis d’Auteuil. The host for the evening, Charles Dumas from l'Académie des Arts in Apprentis d’Auteuil, has thanked his guests, educative sector stakeholders interested in art practices. According to Guillaume Jeu, International Director, the project has developed from a real challenge: “integrate arts practices to the educative purpose of Apprentis d’Auteuil: the young persons’ successful inclusion”

JobAct project, coordinated by Projektfabrik in Germany, is coming to an end after 2 years, during wich the European partners have developed adapted pedagogies to their specific target groups and have piloted projects to test their ideas. Social workers have also participated in interactive workshops to experiment new artistic practices.

Projektfabrik’s perspective: social art

Social art is at the heart of Projektfabrik activities, represented by Beáta Nagy for the event. According to her, in social art, “we learn in indirect ways”, art enables us to “make mistakes, forget about fear and self-consciousness”. It’s the concept guiding JobAct, and joins two different approaches: a quality art work, and the social inclusion of the participants.

Beáta reminded the guests that Projektfabrik uses social art to promote social and professional inclusion of the long-term unemployed, and also of other target groups, such as young people and families.

The success of the « Train the trainers » interactive workshops: feedback

The results were presented, and they’re very positive. The “Train the trainers” outcomes, in particular, have been warmly welcomed. These interactive workshops involving 4 different countries have interested for the peer exchanges and the opportunity to learn from one another they created. Participants testify:

  • Leslie Delplanque, from l’Académie des Arts, said the “Train the trainers” have enabled each organisation to present to the participants their own arts practices approach and to experiment them live with the participants

    “We had a lot of fun, and above all we learn a lot from each other. We experiment on our own, to then share arts practices and adapt them to the target groups with wich we work daily”
  • Camille Barrié, from the Volonteering Department, in Apprentis d’Auteuil, told us:

    “We realised just how much art reveals about us, it reveals our personality”

What’s next?

This project may be over soon, but it opens the opportunity to new perspectives. After the presentation of the project results, everyone gather in small groups to brainstorm about the following topics:

  • Leads for the development of social art in France
  • How can social art become part of my field of work?
  • If you were part of a social art project development team for drop out youth or NEETS in France, how would you proceed?

Stay tuned! You will soon be able to get the translated productions of the project: social art definition, social artist approach, concrete group exercises ad recommendations from pilot project experiences.


Multiplier Event from Vivaio hosted in Le Murate of Florence

On October 14th and 15th 2019 in Le murate - Contemporary Art Projects of the Municipality of Florence, Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza APS hosted the multiplier event of the Erasmus+ “JobAct@ - Social Inclusion by Social Arts” presenting the pilot projects realized in the last two years adopting the JobAct@ approach.

Thanks to network of partners of the Erasmus+, the JobAct@ approach has been adapted to the Italian context for the fight against unemployment and launched with different formulas in Tuscany combining theatre, job coaching and entrepreneurial training: two editions in collaboration with Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and two with the Municipality of Prato.

The aim is to increase social and occupational integration. After having successfully tested the model, Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza presented the successful results achieved to the local stakeholders, social artists, social workers and university researchers. Among the representatives of the institutions the following were present: Stefania Saccardi, Welfare Councillor of Regione Toscana; Cosimo Guccione, Youth Policy Councillor of the Municipality of Prato; Simone Faggi, the Head of the Cabinet of the Mayor of Prato and Noemi Imprescia; Head of the Social Inclusion Services of the Municipality of Prato.

French partner invited to multiplier event

At 30th of August, the French partner, La tète de l’emploi, invited to his multiplier event

Some key actors from job agencies, working with unemployed people in difficult situations and from R.A.P.I.D, who will be working with them in a project using the JobAct methodology starting in October with migrant women. The aim was to introduce the method and show how it can be applied in France to enable further collaborations and give impulses to integrate social art in the work with unemployed persons.

The main problem is the contact to the target group of migrant women that are suppressed by their husbands and are difficult to approach directly. After a presentation of the project, the method and the practical implementation in Paris. There was a lively discussion about obstacles the people from the agencies are facing with their clientele and about possible approaches to overcome them that were tested successfully in other countries. It was a great opportunity to exchange good practices and learn from each other. We will make sure to keep in touch and hope for many opportunities to collaborate.


Transnational meeting of JobAct® Europe in Florence on 13th & 14th June, 2019

c/o Vivaio per l’Intraprendenza

Premises: MIP Murate Idea Park, Sala Pasquini (Vetrate) - Piazza Madonna della Neve.

Alle Künste tragen bei zur größten aller Künste: der Lebenskünst.
“All artforms are in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living.”

During the Meeting we had the opportunity to update all partners on the national pilot projects. We met with the coordinator of the Inclusion Unit of the Municipality of Prato, Noemi Imprescia and Andrea Benedettini. Divided in working groups we exchanged on the Intellectual Output and brainstormed on ideas to promote the results of the project.

International training series completed:

Fourth and last Train the Trainer of JobAct Europe in Witten from 28st May – 01st June 2019

The last five days of learning and intercultural exchange

Once again participants from Hungary, France, Italy and Germany came together for the JobAct Europe training series, which is now officially finished.

The last training took place in Projektfabrik in Witten and was under the topic of Georg Büchner, a German writer and revolutionary. As the examination of Büchner's works is this year’s focal point in the Projektfabrik and he was considered one of the most important literary figures of his time in Germany, this time all the workshops and exercises were based on his work.

In addition to short theoretical inputs, various techniques to strengthen one's own body awareness were learnt and also exercises were carried out to perceive and express emotions. Both are important components to strengthen self-confidence, which is one of the most important goals when working with the target groups of the JobAct projects. The workshops, the physical und theatre exercises were based on Büchner's plays ´Woyzeck´, ´Leonce and Lena´ or ´Dantons Tod´ and led to a lot of surprise and joy on the part of the participants. During the whole training the impact of social art and how it can best be used in the work with disadvantaged persons was experienced as well as discussed intensively.

Furthermore we also got the chance to get to know a few participants of current JobAct projects and work with them on stage sets for one afternoon or watch a rehearsal of and getting to talk to the current class of Social Artists.

The conclusion of the Wittener training as well as the conclusion of the training series was celebrated with the attendance of a firework at a Wittener funfair. Both participants and organizers agree on the success of the training series and are looking forward to applying the learned methods in their daily work.

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment in Turin, Paris, Budapest and Witten and look forward to spreading social art even further!

Hosting project partner was the Projektfabrik from Witten, Germany.

Third international Train the Trainer of JobAct® Europe in Budapest from 15st – 19st April 2019

Successful Train the Trainer series continues in Budapest: Versatile methodology teaching in intercultural workshops.

After the first two trainings took place with great success in Turin and Paris, the series continued from 15st – 19st April 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. Again, numerous committed theatre trainers and social workers from Hungary, Italy, France and Germany came together to learn methods of social art for social inclusion.

The project JobAct Europe focuses on using social art for the empowerment of the participants through the combination of theatre training and job coaching. Therefore, theatre pedagogues, social workers and aspiring social artists participate in the four-part Train-the-Trainer-series. Each training takes place in a different country and is hosted by the two national partner institutions together, to allow each project partner to teach his most effective approaches and to offer as many trainers as possible the chance of a high acquisition of different methods.

With regard to a broad dissemination of methods, various workshops and exercises were carried out in Budapest, always with the aim of enabling the participants to respond to the needs of their target groups. In order to achieve this goal, not only theoretical input in form of presentations about theatre education in general and about handling different target groups but also practical exercises, were taught in the workshops. The practical exercises, as movement training, sound painting or slam poetry also included members of the target group. We had an Arts and Crafts-session with homeless people and were taught object manipulation by some kids from a poor district.

One of the highlights for all participants was certainly an intercultural scavenger hunt through Budapest with the aim of tracking down social art.

We say a heartfelt Köszönöm for the lovely hosting and the interesting workshops and are already excited for the final training in Witten.

Hosting project partners were Faktor Terminál and Szubjective Values Foundation, both from Budapest.


Transnational meeting of JobAct® Europe in Paris on 14th & 15th March 2019

Parallel to our Train the Trainer program another transnational partner meeting in Paris took place. The partners from Italy, Hungary, Germany and France met in the premises of Apprentice d’Auteuil.

In the library of the Academy of Arts the partners together worked on the dissemination plans and concept for the project results. Inspired by an Erasmus+ workshop we mapped out the changes we aim at and the problems that have to be overcome before and how we can help each other to get there.

To share our achievements with our stakeholders and target groups, a series of Multiplier events is planned, 1-2 in every country. So the next part of the meeting was devoted to the planning and, organization, documentation and organizational requirements of these events.

We also shared our experiences of staff requirements for the theatre work as this is a challenge everywhere, and our general goals with the project. It was agreed mutually that every partner has profited from the shared work and wants the partnership to continue.

We say milles Mercis to the organizing team and hope to meet again soon.

Second international Train the Trainer of JobAct® Europe in Paris from 11st – 15st March 2019

Singing, dancing and rapping for social inclusion: second international Train-the-Trainer as a step for successful intercultural exchange

After the success of the first JobAct Europe Train the Trainer starting event in Turin, Italy, the second Train the Trainer took place in Paris, France, from 11th to 15th of March 2019. Also, this time the great engagement of all participants from France, Italy, Hungary and Germany was impressive and showed again, how creative transnational teaching and learning can be carried out.

Fit for the labour market through acting, singing and dancing - the JobAct Europe project has proven, that this works out for quite a while. In order to familiarise as many theatre pedagogues, social workers and volunteers as possible with the JobAct method, a four-part training series is currently taking place with changing hosts in Europe. After the first training in February took place successfully in Turin, Italy, now the second training was aligned in Paris. This time the focus was on the empowerment of the individuals through music and movement. For this purpose, practical exercises were conducted in small groups and subsequently discussed in the plenum. Among other things, it was impressively shown, how the feeling of belonging to a group is strengthened by singing in a gospel choir or how rapping can be used as an expression of emotions and feelings and at last of yourself. In addition, it was taught how to express emotions and one's own personality with the help of dance and movement exercises.

Complementary to the practical exercises, there was enough space for transnational exchange. Especially in regard to working with specific target groups, the Train the Trainer series offers a very good opportunity to compare methods, learn from each other and broaden one's own horizon. All in all, the training was an impressive experience of how creative learning from each other across national borders can be fulfilled. We thank everyone, who made this training happen and look forward to the next.

The training was hosted by project partner Apprentis d´Auteuil from Paris with support from another French project partner, La tête de l’emploi.

First Italian Multiplier event in Turin at 4th of February 2019

At 4th of February 2019 the first Italian Multiplier event took place in Turin, hosted by Patchanka.

The many guests from job agencies, actual und possible funding institutions and other potential supporters, were introduced to the project and to the original JobAct method from Germany by Beáta Nagy and Martin Kreidt from Projektfabrik.

The next part was for the host Patchanka to present their individual adaption of the method and their experiences with their target groups former addicts and school dropouts. To experience the approach in practice, the participants were joined by the international guests from the JobAct training that was taking place at the same time for a few rounds of theatre training. Divided into 3 groups, all of them developed a little piece of Romeo and Juliet that was staged to the whole group after lunch.

Afterwards there was a reflection round where the guests talked about their experiences in the theatre sessions and could discuss the possibilities of social art in working with unemployed people together with the European project group. All in all, it was a great opportunity to get in touch and show what can be achieved with this method all over Europe. We thank everyone who made this event happen.

Train the Trainer of JobAct® Europe in Turin
from 1st – 5th February, 2019

With Romeo und Juliet back to the Job market – First Train the Trainer program started with success in Turin

The first international theatre training of the four-part series “Train the Trainers” took place from 01/02 – 05/02/2019 in Turin, Italy. In 5 days participants from Italy, France, Hungary and Germany were taught methods of social art for social inclusion practically and theoretically.

„Social inclusion through social art“ – this is the concept with which the social workers, aspiring social artists, as well as already certified theatre pedagogues are prepared for their work with disadvantaged people and supported in their professional practice. The project JobAct Europe focuses on the empowerment of the participants through the combination of theatre training and job coaching. After almost two years of joint cross-national concept development, the different approaches could be combined in a joint training of the project partners, where the demonstration of the differences of the approaches also provided a fruitful learning opportunity. In a theory block in the morning a lively exchange took place on the methods of the partners used in practical work with disadvantaged groups, acquisition of donors, companies and individual approaches of their training. In small groups and under the direction of differing theatre pedagogues the contents were conveyed practically through two-hour theatre workshops. It was done country-specific with scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet.

As the practical work with the target groups, e.g. unemployed adolescents, refugees and NEETs, is the core of the project, the “Train the Trainers” events offer a meaningful opportunity to train the competences of the trainers. The international composition of the participants led to a discourse beyond national borders. In this dialogue, experiences and helpful skills for coping with critical situations in everyday work with the target groups were exchanged and concrete methods of theatre pedagogical practice were applied and imparted. All strategies presented, like approaches to problem solving, the development of an “Entrepreneurial Mindset” and Design Thinking were always consolidated in practical exercises too. Through their own experiences with the methods, the participants were able to assure the effectiveness of certain methods and learn to put themselves in the perspective of the participants in the theatre projects.

Hosting project partners were the Cooperativa Sociale Patchanka from Turin and Vivaio per l´Intrapredenzia from Florence.

Transnational meeting of JobAct® Europe in Budapest on 10th & 11th November, 2018

On 10th and 11th November, 2018 the project partners from Italy, Germany, Hungary and France of the EU-funded project JobAct Europe - Social inclusion by social arts met for the third transnational meeting in Budapest.

Besides the mutual presentation of the current status of the various projects the time was used for further organization, discussion of the concept of Social Art and theatre exercises.

As in the recent meetings successfully used the days start again with refreshing theatre practices. This time the main focus was on the presentation of the current statuses of the pilot projects. In addition to the generally good progress and success of the projects, it became clear that they are highly emotional and positively received by the participants. These beautiful results have reassured the partners in their belief in their project. Furthermore the next meetings were organized and the concept of Social Arts was extended within group work. At the end of the meeting there was a discussion about what to expect from the project and how to implement these expectations. Thereby the main focus was on improving the already strong communication and collaboration.

Nagyon köszönöm to Hungary!


Transnational meeting of JobAct® Europe in Paris
on 10th & 11th June, 2018

On 10th and 11th June, 2018 the various project partners from Italy, France, Hungary and Germany met up again, this time in Paris, hosted by CUTS. During these two days, 19 people from 4 different countries and 8 different organizations were able to spend a productive and insightful time together.

Besides administrative stuff, short theater practices and a discussion about the meanings of social art the partners mainly dealt with the topics “time”, “space” and “tension” within three different working groups. The partners approached the topics in a variety of ways and tried out new things like drawing and acting to achieve the goals of the meeting. It was closed with a round in which the partners discussed the achievements of the meeting and a joint evening plan. The meeting again showed the good relationship between the partners and the enjoyable working atmosphere.

Merci beaucoup to France! We look forward to the next time in Budapest.


Transnational meeting of JobAct® Europe in Turin
on 2nd & 3rd March, 2018

On 2nd and 3rd March, 2018 the project partners of JobAct® Europe from France, Hungary, Italy and Germany met in Turin with the aim to share experiences of the project work and to start mutual learning and discussion in the transnational working groups.

Each meeting day started powerfully with a theatre training “ JobAct®in Practice” led by Projektfabrik and was followed by lively discussions, short film screenings and impressive success stories from the already conducted pilot projects:
An entire outer city district sang together in a big theatre in Budapest with 100 voices, school dropouts were led on the way to vocational training in Paris and unemployed young amateurs filled the Grand Opera in Florence and the hearts of the audience twice. The entire meeting was characterized by a friendly and open atmosphere, which is also reflected in the outcome.

We give mille grazie to the Italian team from Patchanka!

A push for social inclusion!

EU-projekt JobAct® Europe has started

Under the shared goal of strengthening the labor market position of disadvantaged groups – partners from Italy, France, Hungary and Germany came together in the EU-project JobAct® Europe.

Scientifically supported by sfs, refugees, NEETs and unemployed youths are accompanied on their way into the labor market through a combination of drama work and job training.

The Erasmus+-funded project started with a kick-off-workshop at the coordinator, the Projektfabrik Witten from October 8 – October 10 2017. That job integration could be done through acting seemed unthinkable twelve years ago, when the JobAct approach was developed by Sandra Schürmann.

Today the combination of theatre and social work is so successful, that a transmission into other European partner countries is pending. To make sure this can be done successfully regarding the different frame conditions and target group specifics, a tool set for practitioners will be developed by the sfs in the EU-project JobAct Europe. In at least eight theatre projects with people in need the approach will be tested already during the project period.

Read an article about the project start in WAZ (DE: Soziale Kunst soll Europa erobern)

WAZ Bild Thomas Nitsche